the Confident Coach™ program is a highly recommended two day coaching skills workshop that helps managers address the ongoing challenge of how to effectively engage and inspire their people. This leading-edge program empowers managers at all levels to build the confidence, skills and behaviours to coach employees from all generations.


Now Available! External and in-house coaches, consultants and trainers can now be trained to deliver the Confident Coach™ program. Acquire certification in the Confident Coach train-the-trainer certification and licensing program.


The  Confident Coach™ incorporates a short self-assessment of coaching skills; however, for more insight into areas of strength and development needs, we recommend that participants complete an additional assessment such as an EQ, DISC or 360 survey  prior to the workshop.  Also, to assist in transferring the knowledge from the classroom to the workplace, we suggest that some or all participants receive 2-6 coaching sessions as a follow-up. Coaching also helps participants take action on their personal development plan. Follow-up support is also available thorough monthly webinars on key leadership and coaching topics.

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